World recognized Australian Degree!

The students graduating through Australian universities are academically recognized across the globe. With Australian education, students develop confidence, skilled and competitive qualities to foray into their desired fields worldwide.

Moreover, academic achievement brings quality, creativity, critical thinking and market-ready skills in the students. Students are welcomed to Australia by public,private universities and vocational institutions.

You can choose from plenty of options including engineering, nursing, biology, technology and mathematics. Experts at VIC NEPAL, provide you with credible, solution-based ideas owing to your academic requirements and help you with education counselling advice during the Australian visa process.

Our partnered institutions

Australian Catholic University
RMIT University
University of New England
University of Southern Queensland
Melbourne Polytechnic
Central Queensland University
University of Tasmania
Swinburne University
Charles Darwin University


The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) leads the Australian education system. There are several universities proving the preferred courses based on the location you choose.

The academic programs range from medicine, engineering, technology, agriculture and biology to hospitality, aviation, arts, designing and so on.

Some of the well-known study locations are listed below;

  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Tasmania

VIC NEPAL provides counselling services all through the journey to the aspirants who want to pursue academic career in Australia. From assisting with choosing the right educational institution to making students understand about the overall visa process, we will be there for you! Visit us at Putalisadak, opposite to Tamrakar House or contact us.


The fee structure of Australian Universities depends on the educational institution that you select. The location and type of course you want to pursue are also the factors affecting it.

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

Post Graduate Master’s Degree

Vocational Education Training

Doctoral Degrees

Fee (Yearly)

About $15,000-33,000

About $20,000-37,000

About $4,000- 22,000

About $14,000-37,000

Scholarship in Australia

There are a number of scholarship opportunities available for the students to study in Australia which can reduce the burden of finances. You may visit the website of the individual university to search for the offered scholarships and applying criteria.

Moreover, VIC Nepal is here to assist you with getting the most suitable scholarships according to your course and the university you choose. Click here to contact us.


The tution fees of international students studying in Australia on a student visa is protected by the country. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ECOS) Act protects the international students through the TPS which has been strengthened in recent years.
In case the course you paid for is not provided by the education institution you got enrolled in or if they do not meet the obligation, or even provide you with alternative course options, TPS will be your helping hand to find the alternative course. If the suitable course is not found as an alternative, TPS will assist you to get a refund on the unspent tuition fees.

Life in Australia

The best features to describe Australia would be multicultural, naturally blessed, diverse, developed and free.
With the people who migrated from all across the globe residing together, working and moving forward, the country has become the melting spot for various cultures, lifestyles and beliefs.
Some of the popular destinations include Sydney Harbour bridge, Bonde beach, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Great Ocean Road, Byron Bay, etc. You can always experience adventurous activities including hiking, fishing, kayaking, surfing and so much more!
Apart from having a top drawer education system, the country is a land full of opportunities. A fast pace economic hub, tech cities, wonderful destinations, diverse vegetation and rainforests await you in Australia. The fantastic beaches, favourable climate, ever changing and adapting lifestyle is what sets the country apart.
No wonder why Australia is one of the most sought countries in the world by the students desiring to study abroad.

Learning and exploring worldwide opportunities await you. If you are interested in applying for a study visa, we would be glad to assist you. Connect with us


Australia is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. The country embraces the diverse culture flourishing with people influxing from various parts of the world. It is inclusive and respectful of students irrespective of their caste, culture, ethnicity, colour, gender, etc. Many universities provide security escorts to both the national and international students. Australia is home to thousands of international students resulting in the safest, inclusive, harmonious and sound living, working and studying environment for them.

If you’re interested in studying in Australia, submit the details below and our team will contact you shortly.


The team of experienced and highly dedicated professionals who have been working in this field for more than 25 years will help you throughout the Australian study visa process. Contact us to learn more and start your process through us.

Acceptable English Language Proficiency Test score

A minimum of 65 points in a point based accessibility test.

Not exceed 45 years of age

Possesses a good moral character and sound health. To confirm this and receive the invitation, you will have to submit Expression of Interest (EOI)

Skill assessment outcome

There are a number of criteria that determine the eligibility of an individual wanting to migrate to Australia. Connect with us for further details.

In Australia, the majority of the scholarships are merit- based.

Connect with us to learn more about the scholarships provided by the Australian Government and the universities. Our team will give our best to get the scholarship owing your eligibility.

The answer is Yes! You can reapply with the additional details. After looking at the reason for rejection, our team will provide you with the available options to reapply.
Based on your necessity, you can choose to take your professional and academic career side by side. Students are allowed to work for 40 hours/week and for an unlimited period during vacations.

Yes! You can apply for the study or work visa based on your want to study further and work respectively. One of the main things that people do is apply for Graduate Work Visa upon completion of their postgraduate.

Contact us for further details. Our team will be a trust-worthy helping hand to you.

5.5 is acceptable in the majority of the universities as it is a minimum requirement. At VIC Nepal, we will provide you with a number of options to choose from with the right assistance and guide you through the process.