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A number of things are required during your visa application process. Studying abroad calls for proper planning. According to the policies of the university that you intend to apply to, international students have to take the English Language Eligibility tests.

Various aspects are required to look into starting from the visa application process to your arrival in Australia. University selection, financial preparation, living expenses and so on. It is always better to work before the time and deadlines in order to avoid last minute rush and make the application process smooth.

Different countries have different requirements, hence, the documents and process involved might be contrasting based on the countries. However, the below mentioned list can help you stay prepared and give you a general idea overall.

Required documents for student visa application

Some basic requirements may include;

  • Photo ID
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Acceptance letter
  • International student
  • Health cover document
  • Student loan approval


One must have a valid passport. The validation policies differ from country to country. Some countries require your passport validation to not expire until you finish your course or it stays valid beyond the time you intend to stay in the country. However, you should make sure that there are at least two blank pages for visa stamping.


Owing to the university’s policies, students are required to take the standardized English Language Proficiency Test. As mentioned in the requirement policies, you may appear in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. This criteria is crucial as you must be able to prove that you can communicate, understand English and pass academically.


A relevant proof must be shown from the education institution you’re engaged in including admission details, photo id and fee receipt. This document is necessary irrespective of the country you choose to apply to. All universities ask for it.


In order to keep yourself free from the financial stress while you go to study abroad, you must be ready with sufficient funds. Infact, the proof of financial sufficiency enough to justify your stay, fee and other stuff are asked by the country you’re applying to.


The application process can be either online or offline. For the international students, the process of visa application initiates after the university you applied to offers you the letter of acceptance.

Online Application Process
Students can create an online profile and fill up the required information properly. The visa application for the country you’re applying to will be available online.

Offline Application Process
You may opt to fill the visa application fee offline as well by downloading the form.

The visa application fee needs to be submitted after filling up all the details. iT It is considered better to start the process considering that you have enough time to do the visa agreements.The visa processing may take a few days to months depending upon the country.

VIC Nepal suggests you start the visa application process a few months before so that you have ample time also for the financial preparation and research.

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IELTS Preparation

The IELTS or International English Language Testing System is collectively possessed by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English, IDP:IELTS Australia. It was created to test the English Language proficiency of the people who wish to study/ work in or migrate to native English speaking countries. It evaluates your reading, writing, listening and speaking ability in English.

High IELTS score can increase your chances of being accepted at reputable universities and relevant courses worldwide.

How does it work?

There are four sections in the IELTS Test.








40 questions

40 questions

 2 tasks

3 parts


30 mins (plus 10 mins for answer transfer)

60 minutes

60 minutes

11-14 minutes

The questions asked will be different for general training and academic IELTS. The score is calculated between 0 and 9. The number you score in each paper will determine your overall band score.

Highly qualified IELTS instructors have helped hundreds of students secure a high score by bringing the best from the students. Connect with us to learn more about the secret of succeeding in your upcoming IELTS test.


In order to maximize your chances of studying in English Speaking countries, a good English proficiency score can be an important factor. Pearson Language Test (PTE) evaluates the student’s capacity to listen, read, write and speak. The international universities, colleges, and schools.

If you are planning to study in countries like the UK, Australia, USA, Canada etc. the PTE score can be a gateway to the universities of your choice. This test evaluates the students on the basis of four criterias namely listening, reading, writing and speaking. PTE is accepted by more than 3000 educational institutions across the world.

If you have decided to choose PTE as your success pathway, Connect with us. VIC NEPAL has a dedicated team of PTE instructors who have helped hundreds of students score the best through strategic teaching methods.


PTE TEST is taken at the PTE appointed Test Centers on computers. While you appear on the test day, it should be well known that two exams are taken together; Reading and Speaking or Listening and Writing. It is better to reach the exam center at least a few minutes before the test starts.


While you apply for admissions at universities, many of them require your health to ask you for health insurance cover. In some cases, if you are an international student with a scholarship, the university might pay for your insurance although it might not be so in some cases.


  • Doctor’s Appointment
  • Emergency Hospital Treatment
  • Dental appointment
  • X- Rays and various tests
  • Ambulance
  • Emergency Services
  • Emergency Repatriation

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